Commercial Epoxy Flooring Near Dearborn, MI

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    Commercial Epoxy Flooring Near Detroit, MI

    GetPro is a well-known company in Detroit, MI, that offers high-quality epoxy floor coatings for commercial purposes. We serve businesses of all sizes, including correctional facilities, factories, aircraft hangars, commercial restaurants, retail centers, and schools.

    GP Concrete Coatings is here to assist you in safeguarding your concrete floors from heavy loads, harsh chemicals, and extreme temperatures. We also offer solutions to enhance safety and aesthetics in your work environment. Our expertise lies in providing specialized, high-performance epoxy flooring options specifically designed for industrial and commercial settings. These solutions are fully customizable to meet the unique requirements of your facility.

    We are proud to deliver exceptional commercial epoxy flooring for various spaces near the Detroit, MI, market. We understand the significance of minimizing operations downtime during the installation process of epoxy floor coverings. Our highly skilled epoxy flooring crews are equipped with the expertise and proper planning mindset to ensure a seamless and hassle-free flooring experience.  We prioritize your project’s timeline and make it our target to meet your completion date, whether your commercial space spans 5,000 or 50,000 SQUARE FEET. We are your premier commercial epoxy floor installers near Detroit, MI.

    Trust GetPro for top-notch epoxy flooring solutions that keep your job running smoothly and on schedule. 

    GP Concrete Coatings offers epoxy flooring services to businesses of all sizes. Our focus is on providing a flooring specification that aligns with the specific requirements of your facility. We understand the importance of considering your budget and timeline needs, so we prioritize them during our quoting process. 

    We aim to deliver a win-win solution for your epoxy floor covering project. 

    Commercial Epoxy Flooring Near Dearborn, MI

    Providing durable and superior flooring solutions for your business.

    GP Concrete Coatings is a renowned company based in Dearborn, MI, specializing in top-notch commercial epoxy flooring designed specifically for commercial use. We cater to businesses of all sizes, including correctional facilities, factories, aircraft hangars, restaurants, retail centers, and schools. At GetPro, we protect your concrete floors from heavy loads, harsh chemicals, and extreme temperatures. We are here to help you enhance safety and aesthetics in your workplace. We specialize in offering customized, high-performance epoxy flooring options that are tailored for industrial and commercial environments. We will take the time to understand your building and provide customized solutions for your specific facility.

    We take great pride in providing outstanding epoxy floor installations for different commercial spaces in the Dearborn, MI, area. We understand the significance of minimizing operational downtime during the installation of epoxy floor coverings.

    Our epoxy flooring crews are highly skilled and well-equipped. Our expertise and meticulous planning mindset make sure your project runs smoothly. We strive to deliver a smooth & hassle-free flooring experience for our valued customers.

    Meeting your project’s timeline is our top priority. Whether your commercial space is 5,000 or 50,000 square feet, we aim to complete the installation according to your desired date. As your leading commercial epoxy floor installers near Dearborn, MI, we are committed to delivering exceptional service.

    Count on GP Concrete Coatings for excellent epoxy flooring solutions that ensure a smooth and on-schedule job.

    GetPro provides epoxy flooring services to businesses of all sizes. Our main focus is to tailor the flooring specification to meet your facility’s unique requirements. We value your budget and timeline, and we make sure to prioritize them when providing a quote for our services.

    We aim to provide a mutually beneficial solution for your epoxy floor covering project.

    Our Satisfied Clients

    Professional Commercial Epoxy Flooring Services in Dearborn, MI

    If you're unsure which flooring option is best for you, we're here to assist. Our team can spend time with you, discussing the important details and guiding you toward the optimal choice. Whether you're thinking about epoxy flooring or concrete polishing, we understand that it can be confusing to decide which option is most suitable for your industrial or commercial floors. Let us help you make an informed decision by offering valuable insights & recommendations tailored to your needs. 3

    Hospitality Epoxy Flooring

    Revamp your hotel, restaurant, or entertainment venue with our decorative and low-maintenance epoxy flooring systems. 3

    Education & Institutional Epoxy Flooring

    Offer durable and eco-friendly flooring solutions for schools, colleges, and other educational institutions, creating a safe and supportive learning environment that lasts. 3

    Office & Corporate Epoxy Flooring

    Transform your office or corporate building into a professional and inviting space with our seamless epoxy flooring options. 3

    Commercial Kitchen Epoxy Flooring

    Create a safe and hygienic food preparation area with our slip-resistant, seamless, easy-to-clean epoxy flooring systems tailored for commercial kitchens. 3

    Retail & Warehouse Epoxy Flooring

    Safeguard your retail or warehouse space with our strong epoxy flooring, built to endure heavy foot traffic, forklifts, and other equipment. 3

    Healthcare Facility Epoxy Flooring

    Keep hospitals, clinics, and laboratories clean and hygienic with our chemical-resistant and easy-to-clean epoxy flooring coatings. 3

    Fitness Center Epoxy Flooring

    Design a visually appealing and resilient surface for fitness centers and gyms using our impact-resistant and easy-to-maintain epoxy flooring solutions. 3

    Public & Government Facility Epoxy Flooring

    Offer durable and visually appealing flooring solutions for public buildings, government offices, and civic centers. 3

    Automotive & Dealership Epoxy Flooring

    Elevate the look of automotive showrooms and service areas with our high-gloss and stain-resistant epoxy flooring systems.

    Our epoxy floor coating offers exceptional resistance to chemicals and abrasion. 

    It exhibits impressive tensile strength and demands minimal maintenance, easily cleaned with either a broom/mop. Additionally, our epoxy floors provide high reflectivity, brighten the space, and offer electrostatic dissipation to reduce the risk of damage to avionics, electronics, and explosives.

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    title_shape_4How It’s Work

    Our Epoxy Flooring Process

    ImageImageStep - 01Step - 02Step - 03

    Step 1: Diamond Grind & Repair Concrete

    Rest assured, our floor coating ensures durability through meticulous preparation. Using a dust-free diamond grind connected to an advanced dust collection machine, we clean and profile the surface. Post-profiling, we expertly apply epoxy to fill holes and cracks, resolving any significant issues for a flawless, seamless finish.

    Step 2: Apply Epoxy & Add Chip Flakes

    Elevate your garage floor with our two-step epoxy treatment: a penetrating primer for a robust base and a thicker, color-matched intermediate coat using durable epoxy. For an extra touch, we add chip flakes for increased traction, durability, and a stylish finish.

    Step 3: Apply Finishing Urethane Coat

    In the final stage, after the epoxy has dried, we apply a clear urethane coat. This roll-on urethane creates a sealed, shiny, and easy-to-clean surface over the epoxy and flakes, featuring a strong aliphatic urethane for outstanding chemical and abrasion resistance.

    Commercial Epoxy Flooring Experts in Dearborn, Michigan

    Detroit, Michigan, the largest city in the state, sits at the crossroads of the United States and Canada, hosting the government of Wayne County. With a population of approximately 639,111 in 2020, it holds the 29th spot among the most populous U.S. cities. Detroit is celebrated for its contributions to music, art, architecture, design, and its iconic car manufacturing legacy. Dedicated epoxy flooring experts in Detroit are actively transforming industrial and commercial spaces into visually stunning environments. Witness the city’s aesthetic resurgence – where every brushstroke adds to the vibrant tapestry of Detroit’s rich cultural and industrial heritage!

    Dearborn commercial real estate

    City of Dearborn

    Our service area in Dearborn, Michigan, encompasses Detroit, as well as nearby Garden City, Redford, Dearborn Heights, Toledo(OH), Cleveland( OH), Akron(OH), Fort Wayne, and nearby cities.

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    Commercial Epoxy Flooring Solutions in Dearborn, MI

    Our commercial epoxy flooring solutions are flexible and customizable to suit all needs of your facility. Whether you prioritize attractive aesthetics, durability, or easy maintenance, we have you covered. In Dearborn, we have successfully designed flooring solutions for various commercial applications that withstand demanding conditions.

    Our expertise lies in providing a wide variety of epoxy and stunning flake flooring installations. Our dedicated floor covering department consistently invests in state-of-the-art flooring preparation equipment, guaranteeing seamless and efficient project execution. Whether a showroom floor or any other commercial space, GetPro is dedicated to providing a durable solution with a hassle-free installation process. Our goal is to deliver a long-lasting result that meets your needs. 

    You can rely on GP Concrete Coatings to deliver outstanding results and a visually appealing flooring solution that remains durable over time.

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    Premier Dearborn Epoxy Flooring Company

    When it comes to commercial space epoxy flooring in the Dearborn, MI area, rely on GP Concrete Coatings. Our skilled team provides outstanding installations for a wide range of commercial sectors. We offer customized solutions, whether for offices, hospitality venues, educational institutions, healthcare facilities, and or other unique buildings. 

    100% Commercial High Solids

    At our company, we firmly believe that the best epoxy floor systems are high solids, self-leveling systems with a wide range of options. These epoxy systems offer exceptional durability and are remarkably easy to clean.

    Commercial Epoxy Color Chips

    Decorative color chips enhance the visual appeal of the flooring, creating a pleasing aesthetic.

    Commercial Floor Markings and Graphics

    Elevate the image of your flooring by incorporating company logos and safety markers into the floor system during installation. This upgrade adds a professional touch and enhances the overall appearance.

    Advanced Commercial Equipment

    With the use of modern equipment, installations can be conducted safely while minimizing disruption to nearby workstations.

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    We are here to assist you if you are uncertain about the most suitable floor-covering option. We can dedicate time to discuss all the essential details and educate your team on the available choices. We understand that deciding between epoxy flooring and concrete polishing can be confusing.  Call us today at (734) 822-9595 to discuss your project and discover our excellent epoxy flooring solutions. 

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    Epoxy flooring is a perfect choice for commercial applications due to its durability, wide range of design options, high resistance to wear and tear, and long-lasting nature.

    For cleaning commercial epoxy floors, it is highly recommended to use a diluted ammonia solution. Mix 2 to 3 ounces of ammonia with a gallon of hot water and apply it using a microfiber mop. It’s important to avoid cleaning products containing vinegar and citric acid as they can gradually diminish the gloss of the epoxy finish.

    To protect epoxy floors in areas with heavy foot traffic, it is advisable to place a durable walk-off mat on the floor. This mat serves as a barrier, preventing hard objects from becoming lodged in the treads of shoes and potentially causing damage. By doing so, you can avoid the risk of your floor being harmed by rocks, nails, or similar objects.

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    Cris BadgleyCris Badgley
    00:06 06 Nov 23
    Shelbi JouniShelbi Jouni
    17:15 13 Oct 23
    GetPro transformed my staircase! They were very precise in their work! Extremely professional, courteous, on time and clean in their work. They did the stain in the after photo as well as the painting around the staircase. Would definitely recommend this company to anyone looking for phenomenal paint and stain work.I am adding to my review to talk about another project GetPro did for us! The pictures show the before and after of our garage and the epoxy flooring they did. They did such clean work and made sure no dust got anywhere else in the house or outside. It's non-slip and very strong. Would definitely recommend!
    Work SmarterWork Smarter
    18:32 28 Sep 23
    Great Guys,fast and did quality work for us ..Made me laugh on a bad day.Thanks for the fast help in a jam!
    Jane DoesitJane Doesit
    18:31 28 Sep 23
    They were quick to respond, professional, polite and complete our job quickly and cost effectively.Thanks guys!!Would 100% recommend to anyone
    R ZR Z
    14:51 28 Sep 23
    I am ah Ohio resident and someone from Michigan referred GetPro Painting to me.GetPropainting painted the interior of my house and made it feel more like a home with the wonderful workmanship.I would recommend them to anyone that needs interior or exterior paint.
    Get Pro Painting did a great job from start to finish on our commercial building. from the first time I met with the sales rep throughout the whole project there was consistent communication. and the quality of their work was were 100% just as they promised. and had the best prices . we will definitely be using them again for future projects.
    Kevin MoloneyKevin Moloney
    16:16 26 Jun 23
    GetPro Painting are true professionals! Mike Jordan, Arun and John Schulter should be recognized as being highly competent, detail oriented, efficient and communicative. As displayed in the photos, they transformed the dated exterior of our 168 unit mid tower apartment building (located in Troy, MI) to a modernized luxury complex. They were always attentive to our needs and concerns and would never say “I can’t” but instead say“ it’s my pleasure’! What a great team to work with. I look forward to utilizing their high quality services in the near future. Great work guys!Respectfully,K.E. MoloneySenior Project ManagerPepper Pike Capital Partners
    Danny SakkaDanny Sakka
    16:22 09 Jun 23
    GetPro organized a great job at our facility. He gave us a detailed description, excellent customer service / communication, great terms, and even finished the job ahead of schedule. We will definitely be using GetPro for all future paint jobs. Couldn't recommend any other business for painting needs in the Mid West.
    Clay GodfreyClay Godfrey
    17:23 08 Jun 23
    GetPro did a great job on exterior painting of my home in Troy, MI. I highly recommend them. The crew was very friendly and professional. They communicated well and were very timely with the project. We will continue to use GetPro in the future.

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