Livonia MI Epoxy Flooring

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Your facility’s safety and productivity are directly impacted by your choice of floor coating. You should only need to perform a light amount of maintenance on the ideal floor coating in order to provide you with the solid, consistent foundation you desire. Choosing the wrong floor coating or applying it improperly could result in hours of unanticipated issues and costly, time-consuming repairs.

Epoxy floor coatings are frequently applied to floors at auto repair shops or professional mechanics’ offices, but they are also a very practical commercial flooring choice for a variety of businesses.

Epoxy is primarily used as a concrete floor sealer because it gives surfaces a high level of gloss and a polished appearance while also offering the endurance required by a variety of businesses, including food and beverage manufacturing facilities, storage warehouses, and pharmaceutical factories.

Here are just a few explanations as to why your establishment could think about using an epoxy floor coating:

  1. Epoxy prevents chemical corrosion

Epoxy coatings can be designed to resist corrosive chemical agents in addition to being durable enough to survive the regular foot traffic of personnel. Find out more about flooring that is extremely chemically resistant for facilities that experience a lot of chemical exposure.

  1. It provides a comparatively faster cure time.

Epoxy could be a quicker option than other floor coatings if you’re trying to minimize some of the production downtime caused by new flooring. Though it is slower than procedures like concrete polishing, keep in mind that rigorous surface preparation is still necessary to guarantee that the coating adheres to the floor in the intended way. Having said that, an epoxy coating may last for many years if it is properly applied.

  1. You can alter its appearance to suit your demands.

Epoxy floor coatings come in a huge range of colors, including metallic tones, so you may find one that precisely matches the style of your business. Additionally, colors can be used to designate defined paths and other types of striping for 5S compatibility and safety.

  1. It requires comparatively little upkeep

Your concrete flooring will no longer be porous and less susceptible to stains once the epoxy coating has been put in. Spilled liquids stay on the floor’s surface where they may be quickly cleaned up without having to scrub. Cleaning up takes less time, which results in more productive work time and fewer safety risks.

  1. Epoxy floor coatings can help protect staff members’ safety

Epoxy is resistant to bacterial growth within the concrete itself, in addition to chemical degradation and discoloration. It can have anti-slip textures added as necessary and is resistant to abrasion and collisions that might cause damage and pose a tripping hazard.

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